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Rendez Tag

Rendez Tag is a must have item in scaffolding structure. Because scaffolding structure must be inspected prior to being used for the first time, following exposure to weather conditions likely to have affected its strength or stability, after substantial addition, dismantling or other alteration. Rendez Tag can provide you the latest status and identify clearly your work zone safety notifications. This Rendez Tag must be fitted at all legal access points from scaffolding structure. Rendez Tag system with its unique holder and insert system ensures all are aware of the current status of the structure.

Rendez Green tags will be hung on scaffolds that have been inspected and are safe for use. A green "SAFE FOR USE" tag, will be attached to the scaffold at each access point after the initial inspection is complete.

Rendez Yellow "CAUTION tag, will replace all green "Safe For Use" tag whenever the scaffold has been modified to meet work requirements, and as a result could present a hazard to the user. This tag indicates special requirements for safe use. Therefore the tag should be considered a Supervisory Tag and as such is to be managed by the owner / client or their designate.

Rendez Yellow "Caution Tag" should not to be removed until the scaffold has been returned to a safe condition and an inspection by a competent person has been completed. Based on the results of that inspection the appropriate tag ( red or green ) will be hung on the scaffold and the yellow tag removed.

Rendez Red "UNSAFE FOR USE" tag will be used during erection or dismantling when the scaffold is left unattended and replace all green "Safe For Use " tag or yellow Caution tag in the event a scaffold has been deemed unfit for use.

Features :
User Friendly and Specific Design System for scaffolding
Cost Effective Method of recording checks and inspecting the structures
Weatherproof and Durable to withstand the toughest industrial environments
Share Notifications Status for everyone
Reduces the Risk of assumption

Remember : A small effort by using this Rendez Tag can saves people lives.

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