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PT. Rendez Indonesia

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Rendez scaffolding products and accessories has acquired a growing reputation and satisfaction from its esteemed worldwide customer especially on its quality and value for money products. All of Rendez Products are engineered and manufactured with the highest quality and in line with the related international standard such as JIS, BS, EN, SS and AS, With the technical know how and on the field support, we are able to serve our customer well to fulfill their needs. Our products will be equipped with certificates and have been tested internally and by independent laboratory.

In General, Rendez Scaffolding products are divided into several system :

  1. Tubular Scaffolding System
  2. Ringlock Scaffolding System
  3. Modular Scaffolding (Cuplock, Kwikstage,Frame )
  4. Aluminium Scaffolding
  5. Scaffolding Ladder
  6. Prop/Formwork
  7. Scaffolding accessories are comprising of Rachets, Rendez Tag, Castor Wheel, Safety Cover, Safety Net.

In order to get closer and serve our customer better, Rendez International Pte Ltd in conjunction with its partner in Indonesia PT. Netway Indonesia – has formed another base in Indonesia in the form of PT. Rendez Indonesia. We envisage by building another base, we can enhance our leadership in scaffolding market, not only in South East Asian Region but also worldwide.

All Rendez group companies is managed professionally as per the ISO standard and also equipped with the tailored made ERP system to come up with the most efficient process in servicing our customer. Last but not least, with the main goal to create vision Rendez is scaffolding, our hope is we can always becomes your preferred solution for all of your scaffolding needs and we are glad if we can keep supporting and contribute also to your company success. Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries.