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Rendez Scaffolding Sell component parts Scaffolding systems that conform to the Standards of existing and clear like: EN39 (pipe scaffolding / loose steel tubes), EN74 (coupler), BS1139, BS EN12810 (modular system), BS EN12811, BS EN1004 (Aluminium scaffolding), BS EN131 (Ladder), AS1577 (Steel Plank), SS280, JIS A8951, ANSI Standard.

  1. Product Rendez Scaffolding refer and conform to the standardization scaffolding system that is clear or there.
  2. All product of Rendez Scaffolding has been inspected and carried out by the Quality Control Team who have competence in the field of scaffolding.

Rendez Scaffolding Inspection Certificate Product has inputted corresponding test test material itself.

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Inquiry or can send an email to: sales@rendezscaffolding.com

No Warranty.
Because the goods are goods General scaffolding so that the life time (durability) of goods depends on how the care and use of scaffolding system itself. But if in the process of handing over the goods are defective goods, it will immediately be nice exchange with the goods.