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Goes to BP Tangguh Project

Goes to BP Tangguh Project

Goes to BP Tangguh Project

We able to supply your project needs and give the best solutions for your project. Rendez Scaffolding Tubular System is providing your scaffolding needs, such as : industrial, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing, fabrication, restoration, institutuional, project event, etc

Here we share video for delivery material to Tangguh Project as follows:

  1. Rendez C-Clamp;RCC-G-486 with JIS A8951 Standard
  2. Rendez Pressed Double Coupler;RPDC-J110-486 with JIS  A8951 Standard
  3. Rendez Aluminium Ladder;RAL-EN-30 with EN 131 Standard
  4. Rendez Aluminium Ladder; RAL-EN-42 with EN 131 Standard
  5. Rendez Steel Plank;RSP-12-1 with SS280 Standard
  6. Rendez Steel Plank;RSP-12-2 with SS280 Standard

Please feel free to contact us :

PT.Rendez Indonesia

Phone : 0811-1778-396
Email : sales@rendezscaffolding.com
Website : www.rendezscaffolding.com

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